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RopeMetrics is a Software and Classification System for Team Roping.



You can register for the next event that we’ve joined with through RopeMetrics!

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What is RopeMetrics?

We have recently received a lot of questions regarding the start of RopeMetrics, who we are, and what we plan to do.
So, let us explain.

See How You Stack Up

RopeMetrics is a super easy way to quickly find what your stats are. You can even use it to sign up for the new event.

Our Vision

  • To preserve the history of Team Roping, while improving the industry for future generations
  • To improve the experience for all involved, including organizations, ropers, and spectators
  • To provide the most access and transparency to Roper's stats and metrics than ever before
  • To offer a fair classification system that judges on personal performance and not circumstances
  • To allow everyone to engage in the sport we all know and love from anywhere, anytime

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